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Working with New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership through the Growing Business Fund to achieve success

Redco New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership Through Growing Business Fund

In 2015 Redco Ltd, one of East Anglia’s leading precision engineering companies, undertook the largest expansion project in the 33 year history of the company.

Working closely with the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership through the Growing Business Fund, Redco made fundamental changes and improvements to the company’s facilities, ensuring the future growth, health and prosperity of both Redco Ltd and our dedicated staff.


In order to make these changes, a new site for Redco’s operation was identified and the company moved to the new premises. Offering 20,000sq.ft of land – a greater than 200 per cent increase in area – the new facilities allowed space for Redco’s growing business requirements both now and with one eye on future needs.

Redco Ltd Norwich Precision Engineering

Within the project a package of various upgrades were made to the new premises.


A biomass boiler was installed to heat the premises and, simultaneously, work towards Redco’s growing environmental aspirations.

Electrical upgrades were made to power the latest precision engineering tools utilised by our flourishing precision engineering department.


A new IP phone system was installed and Redco’s IT capabilities enhanced, with dedicated servers housed in a separate area of the building and a full CAT 6 infrastructure installation, expediting communication and safeguarding important data.


Very importantly, staff facilities were improved - rest areas, canteens and toilet facilities were upgraded to support staff wellbeing.


Finally, to literally top off the project, the building’s roof was renovated to latest building standards.

This expansion project was supported by New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership through the Growing Business Fund. With their support, Redco Ltd has the building blocks to be successful both now and moving forward on the exciting path ahead.

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